QYSMT 2020 Anual meeting

Time flies, unknowingly a year has passed again

Thank you for all your efforts this year.

New year, new journey, new blessing, new expectation

We are full of joy, welcoming 2020 and starting another brand-new decade.

This year we invited all family members to join this party with us.

Before the party started, we arrived early and arranged a warm scene to welcome the arrival of our family members.

CEO Mr Chen’s speech made us excited

Children showed their talents with unique skills

Our colleagues also performed their well prepared programs.

Singing, dancing, playing instruments, recitations, stunts, everyone was versatile.

We enjoyed an exceedingly good dinner, appreciated the performance, and played games together.

Everyone was actively participating in the game, and the children played with us. We feel that we were as happy as children. After the game and performance, everyone got a great gift.

In 2019,The efforts and sweat of everyone have achieved results.

In 2020, we will continue to move forward and create brilliant future!