• SAMSUNG SM421 Chip Mounter

    Support System Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/ support block by hand Clamping System Side clamping, vacuum nozzle.

SM421 Chip Mounter

High Speed Flexible Mounter As a general component placer whose vision system is reinforced based on the platform of the SM471 high speed chip shooter and whose chip placement speed is the highest among the same class component placers, the SM481 realized a chip placement speed of 39,000 CPH, the highest among the same class component placers, by applying a head with one gantry and ten spindles as well as new flying vision and by maximizing the pickup and placement motion. In addition, it is applicable up to 0402(01005 inch) chips and 42mm ICs. It has improved actual productivity and placement quality by applying high speed and high precision electrically driven feeders. Furthermore, since it is designed to be compatible with SM series pneumatic feeders, it maximizes the customer’s operational convenience.

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SM421 Chip Mounter

Place of Origin: South Korea Brand Name: SAMSUNG
Model Number: SM421 keywords:

Used Pick and Place

Placement speed: 28,000CPH(Optimum) Applicated component: 0603/0402
PCB size: 460(L)X400(W)mm (standard) Conveyor system: Single Lane
PCB thickness: 0.38~4.2 Feeder Capacity: 60ea
Placement accuracy: ±0.05mm/Chip,±0.03mm/QFP Air Consumption: 0.5~0.7MPa(Max:260Nl/min)

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  • Alignment: Flying Vision + Stage Vision
    Number of Spindles: 6 Spindles x 1 Gantry

    Flying Vision:
    Chip1608 21,000 CPH (IPC9850)
    SOP 15,000 CPH (IPC9850)
    QFP 5,500 CPH (IPC9850)
    Stage Vision : 1.4sec / QFP 208 (Tray Supply Standard)

    *Placement Accuracy :Chip / QFP ±50? @ µ+3s/ Chip, ±30 @ µ+3s/ QFP
    Component Range Flying Vision : 0603 ~ 22mm IC
    Standard Stage Vision: (FOV45) ~ 42mm IC (Lead Pitch 0.4mm) / ~ ?55mm (MFOV)
    Optional Stage Vision: (FOV35) ~ 32mm IC (Lead Pitch 0.3mm) / ~ ?55mm (MFOV)

    Max. Height :
    H = 12mm (Flying Camera Standard)
    H = 15mm (Stage Camera Standard)

    Board Dimension (mm)
    Minimum :50(L) x 40(W)
    Maximum: 460(L) x 400(W)
    Option : 510(L) x 460(W), 610(L) x 510(W)
    PCB Thickness : 0.38mm ~ 4.2mm

  • Feeder Capacity: 120ea / 112ea (Docking Cart)
    Utility Power : AC200 / 208 / 220 / 240 / 380 / 415 V (50/60Hz, 3Phase)
    RMS 3kVA (Max. 4.7kVA)
    Air Consumption : 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa(5.1 ~ 7.1kgf/cm2), 260N§¤/min
    Weight : 1,800Kg
    External Dimension(mm) : 1,650(L) x 1,690(D) x 1,535(H)
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