• Muti-blade V-cut Cutting Machine ML-750

Muti-blade V-cut Cutting Machine ML-750

  • Application Range:

    Compatible Strip Board such as Glass fiber board, aluminum board, etc

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Muti-blade V-cut Cutting Machine ML-750


1.The ML-750 cutting machine uses six sets of blades for step-by-step cutting to minimize shear stress and is also equipped with a deformation control device.It can meet the demanding requirements of the glass tube process for deformation.

2.Due to multiple cutting, the cutting process is very stable, greatly improving the positioning ability of the V-CUT slot, even if the V-CUT slot is very shallow, the V-CUT slot will not jump out of the guiding knife.

3.Due to the small cutting force of the blade and Germany SKD61, the durability of the blade is greatly improved, and the blade life can be more than one year when the machine cut the aluminum substrate .

4.Simple operation and fast speed.

5. The upper and lower round knife can be adjusted precisely.

6. The round knife can be used repeatedly for grinding.

7.The X and Y axes can be adjusted freely to precisely control the adjustment of the knife to ensure perfect cutting quality.

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PCB Size

PCB Length:Unlimited

V-cut Thickness: 0.6-3MM

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Model/Name ML-750
Host Size 600×325×333mm
Platform Size 2680×560×190mm
Host Weight Approx 75KG
Working Voltage 220V/50Hz(110V/60Hz)
Pressure None
Shear Speed 80, 120, 200, 600mm/s
V-cut Thickness 0.6-3MM
Power 60W
Shear Length Unlimited
Blade Size DIA 60
Blade Qty 6 pieces
Compatible Strip Board such as Glass fibre Board, aluminum board, etc
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