Ignite Children’s Hope with Love – Guizhou Charity Tour

Most people will celebrate the Christmas with their familes and friends to enjoy such a wonderful and happy time.
However we celebrated it in a very special way this year.
QYSMT & Morel team went to a very remote and undeveloped village in Guizhou province to support some very poor families.

Traffice inconvenience, pot-holed roads, ramshackle house, you can’t image how difficult they live there if you never have been there.
Most of them only sleep on the ground and few of them have a bed to sleep.
Even some of the children can’t go to the university as their family can’t afford the tuition!
Although harsh environment, they still face life with optimism and try their best to lead a better life.

We visited them and gave them some quilts and beds, hope it can help them to spend a warmer Winter.
We also supported some children to finish their studies.

There are so many children like them who have talent but lack of opportunity to go to school there.
We can’t help them all but can let them know the world is fulled of love and hope.
As long as we work and study hard, everything will be better in the future!

It is such a unforgetable and wonderful experience for this Christmas,thanks QYSMT and Morel team, thanks God!
Let’s warm them up with love, make a little contribution to the society to make the world a little different.


QYSMT & Morel Team